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5 Elements Hot Yoga Resort

not your average yoga studio!


Welcome To Where The Body, Mind & Soul Comes To Heal.


We’re located on “The Soi” known all over the globe for having the world’s best Muay Thai fighting gyms and training centers, we are a quiet oasis right in the center of the action.

Serving fighters of all styles and all ages, crossfit athletes, and tourists wanting to see what it’s all about, we pride ourselves in being the best rated and well-known hot yoga studio in Phuket.

We aim to be different because not everyone is the same, that is why each class is ALL LEVELS, ensuring that anyone can come in and take a class at their own pace, not incur injury, and still be met with the invigorating workout for the body, mind, and soul.

Yes we talk in class, and yes we play reggae and rock-n-roll, other times we have quiet meditation, but we also allow questions and pay attention to any injury while class is going on. Other schools you come in, listen, and don’t say a word…. Not here. Give us a try, you’re sure to love us!

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Welcome to 5 Elements Hot Yoga Resort Phuket, in Chalong on The Soi.
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All Levels Welcome!

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Step Out Of The Ring & On To The Mat!

Is Your Body Fuk’d?

Each of our classes are designed for all levels, so if you came out to train at any of the top muay thai training camps such as Tiger Muay Thai, Top Team, Dragon, or train crossfit at Unit 27 or Titan Fitness, you may need that extra deep stretch and therapy we offer at 5 Elements Hot Yoga Resort.

We cater to the athlete, the Muay Thai student, and the beginner yogi needing to heal the body, stretch the muscles, and in the process repair the mind.

By stepping out of the ring and on to the mat you can help heal an injury, condition the muscles, and deepen the stretch needed to go the distance and meet your challenge head on.

If you’ve tried yoga before at other schools, you will find we are quite different from the traditional, from the music to the moves, we cater to each student and their needs.

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Hot Yoga Therapy at 5 Elements Hot Yoga Resort Phuket Chalong Thailand.
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All Ages & All Levels, With No Judgment!

EVERYONE has something going on, either with the physical limitations of their body, their mind, or deep inside their soul, something that is bothering them that could use some healing.

Our instructors recognize this inside each of you that come looking for something they can’t explain. Yoga was created to bring each of these aspects of your life into alignment, to allow you to live a healthier life in all areas.

At 5 Elements Hot Yoga Resort, we take pride in recognizing what you need to heal these areas and go the extra distance to make sure you leave with a smile on your face and in your heart. If you’re in the area and aren’t sure this is the place for you, we urge you to stop by and speak to any of our instructors before you decide.

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Bikram Instructor Kru Nong at 5 Elements Hot Yoga Resort Phuket Thailand.

An Inviting Escape With All The Amenities!

While your in Phuket, why not stay somewhere that’s a bit different and unique? We created our boutique resort to be an oasis away from the training camps while being right in the middle of the action.

From our yoga classes that happen 6 days a week to ice baths and steam rooms to heal the body, to our beautiful private pool that gets the sun all day long, we know you will enjoy it here.

We offer 8 beautiful and minimalist King Bed Suites, and 1 truly gorgeous private poolside villa at prices that are sure to make you want to stay. Included with each room is our ice bath service, steam rooms, resort pool, and massage studios within a moments walk.

Offering the friendliest maid service, fiber optic secure high speed internet, flat panel TV’s in every room, motor bike rentals, and the best restaurants, bars, gyms, muay thai training, and crossfit all within steps from your front door. Come check us out, we know you will love it here!

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200 Hour Instructor Certification

Yoga Teacher Training

Phuket’s 1st & Only YTT School, Next Class June 2019!


45/75 Moo 1 Soi Tai-iad, Chalong, Phuket 83130

Between Tesco & Top Team Phuket “On The Soi”